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The Brand

We were not okay with that.
Looking back to our roots – roots that go back over 500 years, we found a solution that has always been within easy reach.

We believe in a future characterized by natural, sustainable investment. We
believe in a future fueled by natural, vegan functionality.

This is your tribe. This is ancestral wisdom. This is KAMSA!

The History

The Kamsa Indians of the Colombian Amazon, began using superfoods to create water infusions probably 500 years ago. They still drink these today because the taste is irresistible and their formula provides them with unique functionality to overcome the Amazon’s extreme way of life. Their new beverages were loaded with superfoods, ingredients that are critical for long-lasting health.

It took a smart entrepreneur, Nicolas Bonilla, who grew up in Colombia, where the Kamsa community is based. He realized the benefits of this amazing beverage. The every-day drink produced by the Kamsa people, is a way to keep their bodies going– and it tastes great.
Nicolas, was determined to improve the Indians’ beverage, adding modern-day flavors and the best ingredients available. The result is an amazing USDA Organic Certified drink with no sugar and only 2 calories per bottle.

We call it KAMSA: a brand that pays homage to the Kamsa native Indians.

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