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Many Kamsa families live under precarious conditions. With your
support, our company donates a portion of its profits and is dedicated to providing essential needs starting with shoes, adequate clothing, training and equipment to thousands of hardworking families. Their main sustainable income is based on creating and selling cultural crafts to the outside world. Heads of households spend most of the day sourcing wood far away from home in mountainous terrain. Providing them with some essential equipment such as a reliable pair of shoes, adequate clothing, and the right tools and training, has a positive impact on their daily lives.
Stay in touch and see how our brand changes their life forever!
As a socially conscious and charitable company, KAMSA drink donates $1,000 per year to “Asociación Artesanal Rescate Kamentsa” to aid native Indian Kamsa families in the Amazon.
For hundreds of years, they have been tapping into the benefits of panela water through cane extract, showcasing the power that can come from such a simple, yet profound hydration beverage.
This community deserves our support and protection ensuring their longevity and ability to practice their natural way of life.