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Our organic certified probiotic water is unbelievably tasty and packed with 1 billion CFUs of bacillus subtilis, a gut friendly bacteria. Your keto friendly option with 0 carbs, no sugar, 0 calories, no stevia and no sugar alcohols.

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Infused in our delicious non-sparkling KAMSA drink, bacillus subtilis is a probiotic that survives extreme environments like your gut and can reproduce rapidly.⁣

It can transform into a spore form that can survive heat, stomach acid, salt, drying, and can successfully make the passage to your intestine alive, unlike other probiotics.⁣

Being able to thrive in your gut, this probiotic may also activate the production of specific antibodies and cytokines that help white blood cells strengthen the immune system⁣.



Our Social Cause

Our mission is to support Kamsa native Indian families that live under precarious conditions. Our give-back initiatives consists in donating a portion of our profits and is dedicated to providing essential needs starting with shoes, adequate clothing, training and equipment to thousands of hardworking families.

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No Sugar • 0 Calories • No Sugar Alcohols • Keto Friendly

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