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Bacillus Coagulans is a spore-forming bacteria that is naturally stable at room temperature, so it does not require refrigeration to stay alive unlike other probiotics. Like all probiotics, these are living organisms that grow rich in your digestive tract. By being able to withstand high temperatures, this bacteria brings important immunity benefits in addition to promoting digestive health.

Infused in our delish KAMSA drink, bacillus coagulans survives extreme environments, and can reproduce rapidly. It can stay alive because it can transform into a spore form which can survive heat, stomach acid, salt, drying, and can successfully make the passage to your intestines alive. Being able to make it past your gut, this probiotic may also activate the production of specific antibodies and cytokines that help white blood cells strengthen the immune system.

We have not been cutting any corners or sacrificing any details in order to bring you an organic certified super drink with none of the sugar and all of the benefits from probiotics and adaptogens. We remain transparent in all we do and committed to helping underprivileged communities in the Colombian Amazon.

Join our tribe and try KAMSA today!

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