12 Pack Deep Forest Hibiscus / Mixed Berry. 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz. Bottles


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Deep Forest Hibiscus / Berry delivers a delicate herbal infusion with lightly flavored mixed berry accents.

-Powered by beetroot
-Low sugar
-Kosher certified
-4 Electrolytes
-GMO Free
-Gluten Free
-Caffeine Free
– BPA Free

534 in stock

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Experience superfood powers with a perfectly balanced herbal infusion of hibiscus and mixed berries.

Powered by Beetroot…
According to ancient folklore, the Kamsa Indians of the Colombian amazon started using beetroot as a detoxifier supporter during their rituals to purify their body by removing harmful toxins.

Powered by Panela…
About 500 years ago, the Kamsa Indians began using cane extract to create delicious panela water to stay hydrated in the Amazon’s extreme weather conditions. Panela has antioxidants and trace minerals which makes it a superfood attributed to ancestral wisdom.

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