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When it comes to the ingredients we put into our bodies, we care a great deal— just like you do. That’s why KAMSA is made with only the highest quality natural ingredients. We use proprietary blends and ingredients in each of our products. Our superfoods of choice are beetroot, ginger root, organic maca and turmeric which are infused separately in each of our products. Checkout our “products” tab and find out what your favorite flavor is infused with!
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Two of our skus are sweetened with a KAMSA proprietary blend of panela, organic stevia and monk fruit. Our other two skus, use a KAMSA proprietary blend of panela and monk fruit. Check out our “Products” tab for details.
Used for generations by the Kamsa people in the Colombian Amazon, panela is unrefined and the best tasting medium to low glycemic Kosher certified sweetener.
Panela is known by other names in Latin America and around the world, such as “jaggery” in India, “chancaca” in Peru, “piloncillo” in Mexico and Spain, and “rapadura” in Cuba and Brazil. You’ve probably never heard of panela before and may be wondering, “What makes it so special?” Panela -raw cane extract- is a healthy choice for you instead of refined sugar (i.e. white sugar, brown sugar, regular cane sugar) and chemical alternatives. Because it’s simple without much refining, panela maintains a naturally distinct, caramel flavor. The simple process allows for a final product which contains naturally occurring vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, polyphenols (antioxidants). Also, our body’s absorption of
glucose and fructose in panela, is ideal for sustained energy. Our bodies absorb glucose for quick energy and fructose to provide sustained energy for longer periods of time. Top level pro cyclists use panela as their go-to source of sustained energy.
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Frequent Asked Questions
We want you to know everything possible about our proprietary panela-based hydrating beverages today.

Absolutely. Plucked from cane extract in the rolling lands of Colombia, no animals or animal byproducts were harmed or used in the making of our beverages.

Not only do we pride ourselves on working with the Kamsa Indians, we donate 1% of proceeds to these indigenous people.

At KAMSA, we are fully committed to providing all of our customers with functional beverages of the highest quality. This is why we only use the best ingredients available.

It is possible that as part of the sediment, you may come across a few dark specs. Don’t be alarmed! You are just seeing a burnt piece of panela and/or cane fibers. See, the artisanal nature of our minimally processed panela, makes it very sensitive to heat. During the pasteurization process, while bottling our drink, a few panela granules and/or cane fibers might get burnt. They do not compromise taste and we would never ever compromise our high standards of product safety.

We want you to have full confidence and the best experience with our products. If at anytime there is a concern, please reach out right away at info@b2o.b41.myftpupload.com or at 1 (866) 335-2672. We will make things right for you.

Yes. Absolutely no genetic modification was pursued in the crafting and creation of our drinks.

Yes. We believe in kick-starting your body through natural hydration, not caffeine.

Our beverages enhance your body’s ability to retain hydration over a long period of time with electrolytes and an extra benefit with natural antioxidants, which are naturally occurring in panela. Potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, and polyphenols are all in the mix! Panela supplies two stages of energy. Your body absorbs panela’s glucose for quick replenishment and then the slow-absorbing fructose provides slow release energy unlike anything else out there.

Absolutely. We are always interested in learning more about how we can protect the natural, pristine way of life that has come to underscore true health and happiness in our world today.